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Peekskill Leaf Pick-Up and Leaf Vacuum Schedule

Find out when the Peekskill leaf vacuum is stopping by your home

Locate your street on the table and you’ll find the date that the Peekskill DPW (sanitation department) leaf vacuum crew is scheduled to come by your house.

Bay St (South to Washington)11/12
Franklin St (Simpson to Washington)11/12
Grove St11/12
Hudson Ave (Railroad to Washington)11/12
Lafayette Pl11/12
Requa Si (South to Washington)11/12
Roosevelt Ave11/12
Simpson Pl11/12
Smith St11/12
South St (Grove to Washington)11/12
Washington St (Franklin to South)11/12
Bay St (Washington to Depew St)11/13
Chauncey Pl11/13
Depew Ct11/13
Depew St11/13
Dyckman St11/13
Elm St (Ringgold to Union)11/13
Franklin St (Washington to Union)11/13
Frost Ave11/13
Hudson Ave (Washington to Union)11/13
Requa St (Washington to Union)11/13
Ringgold St11/13
South St (Washington to S Division)11/13
Union Ave11/13
Elm St ( Union to Pine )11/14
First St11/14
Fremont St11/14
Hudson Ave (Union to Pine)11/14
Maple Ave (S to Pine)11/14
Pine St11/14
Raymond St11/14
S Division St (South to Wells)11/14
Second St11/14
Walnut St11/14
Wells St11/14
Arch St11/15
Cresent Ct11/15
Elm St (Pine to Maple)11/15
Georgian Ct11/15
Halstead St11/15
Hudson Ave (Pine to Maple)11/15
Longview Ave11/15
Maple Ave (Pine to Hudson)11/15
Nassau Pl11/15
Patrician Ct11/15
Pomeroy St11/15
Riverview Ave11/15
Summit Ave11/15
Congress Ave11/19
Elm St (Maple to Riverview)11/19
Hyatt Ave11/19
Magnolia Ave11/19
Prospect Terr11/19
Beverly Ln11/21
Ferris St11/21
Maple Ave (Pine to City line)11/21
Montross Ave11/21
Wooddale Ave11/21
Belden St11/22
Constant Ave (Decatur to Nelson)11/22
Decatur Ave11/22
Diven St11/22
Hadden St11/22
John St11/22
Main St (Rte 9 to N Division)11/22
Nelson Ave (Main to Phoenix)11/22
Orchard St (Decatur to Nelson)11/22
Paulding St11/22
Spring St11/22
St Marys St11/22
Catherine St11/25
Constant Ave (Nelson to Highland)11/25
Frost Ct11/25
Garfield St (Highland to Dead end)11/25
Highland Ave11/25
Lakeview Or11/25
Liberty St11/25
Marion Ave11/25
Nelson Ave (Phoenix to Catherine)11/25
Orchard St (Nelson to Highland)11/25
Pemart Ave (Highland to Lakeview)11/25
Phoenix Ave (Decatur to Highland)11/25
Reynolds St11/25
Constant Ave (N Division to Overlook)11/27
Cortland St11/27
High St11/27
Howard St (N James to High)11/27
Kissam Ro11/27
Lovers Ln11/27
N Broad St11/27
N James St11/27
Oakridge Pkwy11/27
Orchard St (N Divison to End)11/27
Seymour Ln11/27
Armstrong Ave12/2
Cayuga Dr12/2
Central Ave12/2
Charles St12/2
Crompond Rd12/2
Field St12/2
Finch St12/2
Grant Ave12/2
Iroquois St12/2
Leila St12/2
Lincoln Terr12/2
Main St (Division to Hamilton)12/2
Park St12/2
S Broad St12/2
S Division St (Broad to Crompond)12/2
Seneca St12/2
Southard Ave12/2
Benefield Blvd12/3
Carhart Ave12/3
Carlton Ct12/3
Hamilton Ave12/3
Horton Or12/3
Howard St (High to Westchester)12/3
Husted Ave12/3
Larch Ct Ln12/3
Leda Dr12/3
Mackellar Ct12/3
Main St (Hamilton to City line)12/3
Overlook Ave12/3
Patterson Ct12/3
Prospect Pl12/3
Schultz Ct12/3
Scofield Ct12/3
Seabury Pl12/3
Westchester Ave12/3
Albert Rd12/5
Bernard Rd12/5
Brandt Ave12/5
Constant Ave (Highland to N Division)12/5
Garfield St (Highland to Brandt)12/5
Harrison Ave12/5
King St12/5
Lockwood Dr12/5
Lyman Ave12/5
McCord Pl12/5
N Division St (Highland to Lockwood)12/5
North St12/5
Orchard St (Highland to N Division)12/5
Parkway Pl12/5
Pemart Ave (Highland to N Division)12/5
Phoenix Ave (Highland to N Division)12/5
Righi Ct12/5
Warren Ave12/5
Buena Vista12/6
Delancy Ave12/6
Frost Ln12/6
Kossuth Pl12/6
Lindberg Pl12/6
Louis Ct12/6
N Division St (Lockwood to City line)12/6
Oakwood Dr12/6
Pataki Farm Dr12/6
Peggy Ln12/6
Ridgewood Dr12/6
Stacey Ct12/6
Vail Ave12/6
Bleloch Ave12/9
Brook St12/9
Colonial Rd12/9
Fairlawn Ave12/9
Franklin St (South to Simpson)12/9
Homestead Ave12/9
Hoover Ave12/9
Jackson St12/9
Lindbergh Ave12/9
Loomis Ave12/9
Lyle Ct12/9
Maplewood Ave12/9
McGuire Ave12/9
McKinley St12/9
Milton Ave12/9
Mt View Rd12/9
Osborne Ave12/9
Ridge St12/9
Shenandoah Ave12/9
Sherman Ave12/9
Sherrow Pl12/9
Short St12/9
Washington St (Franklin to City line)12/9
Welcher Ave12/9
Wood St12/9
Woodlawn Ave12/9
Brown StCall For Pick-Up
Elizabeth StCall For Pick-Up
Esther StCall For Pick-Up

How to manage autumn yard clean-up in Peekskill

The cost of those beautiful fall colors here in Peekskill is the chore of leaf clean-up. The City of Peekskill is here to help with bagged leaf collection and leaf vacuum services during the autumn season.

You can find the scheduled bagged leaf pick-up on our City Services calendar.

Leaf vacuuming is scheduled differently than bagged leaf pick-up, it’s a bit more complicated. The service is done by districts over 14 days in November and December. The schedule is available as a PDF on the City’s website, but we’re happy to provide it as an easy-to-read and searchable table.

Helpful tips to make your Peekskill leaf pick-up chores go smoothly

  • Rake your leaves into the gutter near your house no earlier than the weekend prior to your scheduled pick-up day
  • For bagged leaf pick-up, the use of biodegradable paper bags is mandated.
  • Nothing other than leaves should be placed in leaf piles on collection day. That means NO brush, branches, bricks, rocks, garbage, pumpkins, etc.
  • Due to the unpredictability of the weather. amounts of leaves and mechanical issues this schedule is subject to change. Check the website or call the Department of Public Works for schedule updates at (914) 734-4130.