Flyer for The Irish Comedy Tour featuring 4 Irish comedians posing.

The Irish Comedy Tour

Prepare to embark on an uproarious journey with the Irish Comedy Tour, where the infectious party spirit of a Dublin pub collides head-on with a raucous gang of hilariously mischievous merrymakers. This high-octane ensemble, a merry mix of comedians and musicians with roots tracing back to the Emerald Isle, is set to take your funny bone on a whirlwind adventure like no other.
From the witty mind of Detroit native Derek Richards, revel in tales of his child-free escapades, his bustling Las Vegas life, and his blue-collar upbringing. With appearances on Amazon Prime, The Bob & Tom Show, SiriusXM, and even The Weather Channel’s Top 10, he’s a seasoned comedy veteran, recently dropping his fourth album, “Double Down” on iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud. Prepare to have your sides splitting!
Damon Leibert brings a unique and electrifying fiddle performance that straddles the line between the pulsating dance rhythms of Cape Breton and the soul-stirring melodies of Ireland. His musical prowess adds an electrifying dimension to the show that will leave you tapping your toes and begging for more. Meanwhile, the tour’s shining star, Derrick Keane, hailing from Inchicore, Dublin, has made his mark as a musical virtuoso. His band, Inchicore, has set the gold standard for Irish music in New England and North America. With a voice that captivates and a wit that’s razor-sharp, he’s a true tour de force.
Last but not least, Michael Malone’s comedy is an absolute firestorm, dissecting the absurdities of life, love, grief, and everything in between. His humor has scorched its way onto Fox, Comedy Central, Showtime, and HULU, and his special, “Laugh After Death,” is a riotous must-watch. Brace yourself for the Irish Comedy Tour as they dismantle and celebrate all the myths and stereotypes surrounding Irish culture in a side-splitting, unforgettable extravaganza.
It’s a comedic journey you don’t want to miss!


01 Mar 2024


8:00 pm



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Paramount Hudson Valley Theater
1008 Brown St, Peekskill, NY 10566