Flier for Early West Point History

Early West Point History

Serving initially as a fort, protecting the valuable Hudson River during the American Revolution, the United States Military Academy at West Point was formally established in 1802…with two graduates in October of that year.

For the next two hundred and twenty years or so, the Academy produced some of America’s greatest military leaders, who fought for the United States in numerous wars and conflicts. During the Civil War, some
of those graduates and students fought against the United States by supporting the Confederacy. Many USMA graduates would go on to serve the nation as civil engineers, leaders of business and industry, and as key figures in politics.

However, West Point is no ordinary college. It has a rich and honorable history, as well as a somewhat
mysterious past that includes more than two centuries of tradition, ritual, and possibly even murder…

Join us at the museum with Dr. Watson on March 2″, to learn more about the fascinating history of West Point.


02 Mar 2024


2:00 pm




Lincoln Depot Museum
10 South Water Street, Peekskill, NY 10566